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Alanaturel develops brand new product ranges for consumers in many parts of Africa by closely following their changing preferences and evolving tastes. In addition to its taste and reliable brand identity, it also offers brands that make a difference in the market with its positive brand image.

Our Vision

To be a leading food company that always pleases our consumers, customers, employees and shareholders and makes them smile.

Our Mission

To be the leading and innovative brand that offers the most practical, freshest, most delicious products to its consumers, customers and shoppers with a healthy and safe value chain.


Customer Satisfaction: Keeping the needs and requests of the customers in the first place and producing accordingly.

Quality: To handle every stage of production meticulously, starting from the seed, to the processing of our products, to the delivery to our end consumers.

Taste: To ensure that our products always have superior taste and quality.

Technology: To follow the technological developments of the sector closely, to be innovative and enterprising.

Respect for Society: To be respectful to social values, legal regulations and the environment.

Product Diversity: To offer new products to consumers, taking into account the needs of the market and consumer trends.

About Us

Our Responsibilities

We work with farmers, producers, industrialists, retailers, governments and other organizations to fulfill our purpose of providing the world with food in a safe, responsible and sustainable way.

Together we create efficiency, innovate and help communities thrive.

Why We Are Here

Why Africa

We travel every land of yours to bring you together with the cleanest and most natural forms of untouched products.

Every product we have prepared for you has thousands of efforts in every single one of them.